Very Rev. Dr. Prasad Joseph Theruvathu OCD


Carmelite Provincial House, P.B No. 3032

Cemetry Junction; Chittoor Road, Kochi- 682018

Kerala, India


Born in Padappakkara, Kundara, Kollam in 1968. Entered Carmelite Order in 1983 and was ordained priest in 1996. He pursued his academic studies: B.A. in philosophy at Kerala University (1988-1991) and B.Th. (Theology) at Teresianum, Rome (1992-1995), M.A. in philosophy at Delhi University (1997-1999), PhD in philosophy at the University of Wuerzburg (2001-2006). Doctoral thesis is on “Ineffability in the thought of Nicholas of Cusa”. From 2007-2010 Priest in Charge of the Intercultural dialogue Centre in Basel, Switzerland. From 2011-2014 he served the Manjummel province as First Provincial Councilor. On 5th May 2014 he was elected as the Provincial of Manjummel Province.


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Rev. Fr. Thomas Marottikkaparambil OCD


(Finance and Mission)

Carmelite Provincial House, P.B No. 3032

Cemetry Junction; Chittoor Road, Kochi- 682018

Kerala, India


Was born on September 25, 1969 at Kartedom, Kerala-INDIA. He made his religious vows in the Order of Discalced Carmelites on 11 February 1990 and was Ordained a priest on 04 January 1998. He did his SSL at Biblicum, ROME and STD at Urbanianum-ROME. He is elected as the vicar provincial and first councellor of the Manjummel Province.



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Rev. Fr. Manuel Rebeiro OCD

(Formation and On Going Formation)


Sacred Herat Philosophy College

Monastery Lane, Aluva-683101

Ernakulam Dt., Kerala, India


was born on 02 April 1955 at Perumpilly, Kerala, INDIA. He made his Religious Profession in the Order on 16 July 1975 and was Ordained Priest on 18 December 1982.


STUDIES: B Ph. - St. Joseph’s Pontifical Institute, Carmelgiri, Aluva, 1975-1978.; B Th. - St. Joseph’s Pontifical Institute, Mangalapuzha, Aluva, 1979-1982; STL – Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, 1985-87; M. A. in Religious Studies - Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, 1987; M. A. in Philosophy - Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, 1990; STD - Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, 1992.


Teaches theology, philosophy and spirituality in various Catholic Institutions: Jyotir Bhavan, Institute of Theology and Spirituality, Kalamassery; Sacred Heart Philosophy College, Aluva; St. Charles’ Seminary, Nagpur; Khrist Premalaya Theologate, Ashta; St. Joseph’s Pontifical Institute, Aluva; Prabhodana: Pallottine Centre for Theological & Religious Formation, Mysore; Bodhi Institute of Theology, Tillery.


As a renowned author he has around 120 articles to his credit and eleven books published


Books Published:


1. Yesuve Ninnodukoode (A Collection of Eucharistic Adorations), edited, Kalamassery, 1999, 2nd Edition 2002.

2. The Church as the Community of the Believers: Hans Küng's Concept of the Church as a Proposal for an Ecumenical Ecclesiology, New Delhi, 2001.

3. Ente Ormaykay: Divya Karunyapatanangal (Studies on the theology of Eucharist), edited, Kalamassery, 2001, 2nd Edition 2005.

4. The Holy Eucharist: Celebrating and Living, edited, Kalamassery, 2001.

5. Being With Jesus, edited, Kalamassery, 2002, 2nd edition 2005.

6. Called to be a Witnessing Church, edited, Kalamassery, 2003.

7. Called to be in Communion: Gift and Task for the Christians Today, edited, Kalamassery, 2005.

8. Karakavinjozhukunna karunyam (Articles on Sacrament of Reconciliation), edited, Kalamassery, 2006.

9. Forming, Conforming, Transforming: Aspects, Dimensions and Dynamics of Formative Spirituality, edited, Kalamassery, 2007.

10. Murikkappetta vachanam (Breaking the Word on Sundays of the Year A), edited, Kalamassery, 2007.

11. The Mystical Meanderings: A Festschrift in Honour of Dr. Justin Panakal OCD, edited, Kalamassery, 2012.


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Rev. Fr. Basil Padua OCD

(Social and Education)


Carmelite Provincial House, P.B No. 3032

Cemetry Junction; Chittoor Road, Kochi- 682018

Kerala, India


Born at Cheranalloore, Kerala on 30 August 1968. Made his First profession on 11 February 1988. He did his B.A. Philosophy studies in Kerala University (1988-91) and B.Th (Theology) at Mangalapuzha seminary, Aluva (1992-95). He was ordained a priest on 19 January 1996. He did M.A in English Literature from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam (1997-99), pursued his M.Phil studies in English Liturature, Gandhigram Deemed University (2006-2008). He served the Province as formator of Philosophy and Theology students. He is elected as third councellor of the province.


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Rev. Fr. Thamby Arackal OCD

(Apostolate and Vocation)


San Juan Bhavan, B.M.C P.O Thoppil

Unichira, 682021, Ernakulam


Born in Thundatumkadavu (Varapuzha), Kerala, on 13 March 1963. Made his vows in the Order on 11 February 1985 and was ordained priest on 08 December 1992. He did his B.A. Philosophy from Mahatma Gandhi University (1965-1988), B.Th from St. Joseph’s Pontifical Institute, Mangalapuzha, Aluva (1989-1992), S.T.L. and Doctrate in the teachings of St. Teresa of Avila from Teresianum, Rome. He served the Province as the formator of Philosophy students, Editor of our monthly magazine 'Cherupushpam' and the professor in Jyotir Bhavan and at present, he is elected as the fourth Councellor of the Province. He is a resourceful person on St. Teresa of Avila.


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  • Provincial Bursar: Fr. Jacob Vallomthayil
  • Provincial Prefect of Studies: Fr. Manuel Rebeiro
  • Provincial Auditors: Fr. Augustine Parekkattil
  • Fr. George Arackal
  • Provincial Secretary: Fr. Paul Ashmin Kuthukatt
  • Archivist: Fr. Cassian Kachappilly
  • Procurator for Landed Properties: Fr. Hypolitus Kattikatt
  • Vice Postulator: Fr. Thomas Olattupurath
  • Socius to General Chapter: Fr. Antony Ponvelil
  • Substitute to Socius : Fr. Antony Kavunguvalappil
  • Censors: Fr. Francis Pereparambil
  • Delegate Provincial to OCDS: Fr. Cassian Kachappilly
  • Attorney to Corporate Manager: Fr. David Rodrigues




Secretariat for Spiritual Apostolate and Vocation Promotion

Councilor in Charge: Rev. Fr. Thamby Arackal


Forum for Spiritual Centres:

The Directors and Superiors of Spiritual Centres : CRC, CEC, Pushpadan, Yesu Bhavan, Ave Maria, Shalini Bhavan, Carmel Niwas and Pius Nagar


Forum for Vocation Promotion:

Frs. Anson Kalathiparambil, Augustine Steejan Kanakkassery and Augustine Puthiyakulangara


Forum for Counseling:

Frs. Philip Karikkassery, Rajeev Korangunthara, Fredy Pallath, Paul Kattiparambil, Antony Ittikunnath and Laiju Puthussery


Parish Priests’ Forum:

Frs. Joseline Peediakal, Varghese Kanichukatt, Bosco Correya, Urban Vallavanatt, Paul Vincent Kalloor, Jolly D’Silva, Yesudas Thottungal, Suji John Adichilil, Francis Thottamkara, Shon Martin Peediakaparambil, Francis Rebeiro and Jossy Karaparambil


Mission Retreat Forum:

Frs. Philip Karikkassery, Thamby Arackal, Nelson Job Kalapurackal, Antony Kanappilly, Francis Pandippilly, Antony Ittikunnath, Sebastian Kurisinkal, Subhash Paruthiyil, Antony G and Andrews Puthenparambil, Ossy Kalathil, Michael Punnackal and Sebastian Palliparambil


Youth Retreat Forum:

Frs. Steejan Knakkassery, Joshy Makkiyil, Shibu Kolothumveedu, Babu Paul Muthuveettil, Laiju Puthussery, Suji John, Jerry Thareparambil, Augustine Puthiyakulangara, Sibi John Chandroth, Yesudas Thyparambil and George Kajal.


Committee for Museum:

Frs. Titus Karikkassery, Joseph Marottikaparambil, Francis Pereparambil, Thomas Olattupurath and Francis Komaranchath



Secretariat for Social Welfare

Councilor in Charge: Rev. Fr. Basil Padua


Coordinative and Planning Body of the Social Institutions:

Councilor of Social, Social Coordinator, Chairman (Superior) and Director of each Institute, Councilor in Charge of Finance and one of the Provincial Auditors


Forum for School:

Councilor of Social, Councilor of Finance, Social Coordinator, Cooperative Manager, Local Manager (Superior) and Principal of each Educational Institute.


Education Endowment:

Provincial and Councilors


Secretariat for Formation and On Going Formation

Councilor in Charge: Rev. Fr. Manuel Rebeiro


The Formators Meet:

Councilor for Formation, Superior, Master/ Director of Each Formation House.


The Committee for On Going Formation:

Frs. Manuel Rebeiro, Justin Panakkal, George Ollatupuram, Cassian Cachappilly, Joselin Pediackal and Jossy Kuriappilly




Secretariat for and Finance and Mission

Councilor in Charge: Rev. Fr. Prasad Theruvathu


Committee for Mission:

Frs. Antony D’Cruz, Rockey Kuttickal, Bernard Kalloor, Thomas Thoppil and Augustine Laiju


Committee for Temporality:

Frs. Thomas Marottikaparambil, Jacob Vallomthayil, Hypolitus Kattikatt, Sebastian Kakkary, and Thomas Olattupurath



Board of Trustees for St. Joseph’s Hospital Trust Manjummel


Very Rev. Fr. Provincial (Chairman), Fr. Thadeus Mundanchery (Director), Fr. Edwin Edezhath (Administrator), Fr. Varghese Kanichukat (Associate Director), Fr. Joshy George (Councilor For Social Welfare), Fr. Prasad Joseph (Councilar for Finance), Fr. Thomas Ollatupurath (Legal Advisor), Fr. Yesudas Thottungal and Fr. Godwin Thimothy