Zelo zelatus sum pro Domino Deo exercituum

"With zeal have I been zealous for the Lord God of hosts"

(1 Kings 19: 10)

The period of Aspirancy includes one year of initiation and PUE courses.


The one year initiation course, which is compulsory for all the newly recruited candidates, both for clerical and non clerical state, is an effective means for them to know our Carmelite way of life and for us to understand them and their aptitudes to a religious and priestly life.


The objectives of the initiation course are:

- To provide the candidates, with the necessary helps to explore their vocation and to arrive at an initial and free decision concerning it.

- To confirm them in the basic Christian values inherited from their families and train them to human and Christian maturity


PUE is a basic requirement for entrance to major seminary and is compulsory for all the candidates to priesthood. It is a period for the candidate to discover, tend and cherish the seed of Carmelite vocation sown in them, through intellectual, psychological and spiritual maturation.


San Juan Bhavan

(House for PUE)


B.M.C.- P O,


Unichira-682 021

0091 484 2577366




St. Pius X Monastery

(House for Initiation)


Pius Nagar - 685 620,

Marayoor (Via),

Idukki Dt


0091 486 5252288

The Formative Community:

San Juan Bhavan

St. Pius X